Nokia Windows Phone

Nokia Entry-Level Smartphones – coming to MWC?

Nokia has had a difficult year and although their sales figures were good, they are still far from both Samsung and Apple. With fierce competition coming in from Huawei and ZTE, the Finish company is prepping to launch a number of entry-level smartphones running Windows Phone at MWC.

Thermaltake Level 10 M Gaming Mouse revealed

Thermaltake along with BMW Group Designworks USA developed the new Level 10 M gaming mouse. The two companies worked together on a previous project, the result of which some of you might know as the Level 10 case. Thermaltake revealed the Level 10 M gaming mouse at this year’s CeBIT.

Antec Three Hundred Two – Isn’t that Six Hundred?

Let’s all be glad I am not part of Antec’s naming committee because I would have named this one as the Dragon Assassin Omega Doom Monster Case of Awesome. However, the successor to the highly appreciated Antec Three Hundred is here and it’s the Antec Three Hundred Two (really Antec?). Thank god their products are…