This is where I rant about stuff which I consider to be interesting. I’ve been working as an editor for a number of pages now and that number keeps growing, yet at times I feel like just saying things (BAD EVIL THINGS) out loud. That’s why I’ve decided to set this up.

You’ll find here Android related news and previews, PC hardware as well as gaming related news and various random articles which I spawn in my free time. Every now and again I might even throw in a comic to lighten (or darken) the mood. Any feedback is welcome and if you think I’m being biased, then you can visit any of the other 100000 blogs about this stuff!

The Android section will contain mostly news and preview but every once in a while I might take a look and review some products I can get my hands on. In the gaming section you’ll get updates on my Starcraft 2 first person vods from ladder or tournaments as well as reviews, news and the occasional League of Legends game. The hardware section will contain news and maybe a review or two on anything I can get into my testing facility so feel free to comment, share and give feedback on anything.

Enjoy ! O_O


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