Samsung Galaxy Note III – The Galaxy Note redesigned

The Samsung Galaxy Note was one of the first devices showing that big is in. The large device managed to show that despite its massive size, the handset was still very popular. In the past few months though, Samsung has been getting a lot of heat because of their plastic case design. With a large number of manufacturers providing higher end design and build, the Korean manufacturer seems to step up its game with the Galaxy Note redesign.

According to SamMobile, the company is aiming at improving the overall build of the upcoming Galaxy Note. The upcoming phablet will be coming with an aluminum case. Apparently the company did not want to employ the same design for their Samsung Galaxy S4 since the company’s production line was not prepared for the sales they expect.

However, the Galaxy Note will have more moderate sales, so because of that Samsung will be more than prepared to change their manufacturing process. With heavy competition coming with high-end construction and features like the HTC One, Samsung feels that this move is necessary. Although most users don’t seem to mind the plastic finish of all Samsung devices, the company does consider that this move would upgrade their sales figures.

So far though, we do not know any of the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note III, but if the rumors line up well, then we will be looking at one of the best devices to ship out this year. If the move will be good, then we are bound to see the same aluminum design with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy device.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s device’s being too plasticky? Will this change convince you to move up in size?


Source: SamMobile


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