Sony Xperia ZL US Release – Cincinnati Bell to be the first US carrier for the device

The Sony Xperia ZL release is closing in and we finally found out the first US carrier for the device. We saw the Sony Xperia Z review and everyone, including myself, was pleasantly impressed by the Sony smartphone. However, this time around, we are dealing with a slightly different device. Don’t let that fool you, since you are still looking at one of the best smartphones for 2013.

Sony’s Xperia ZL is another flagship Android smartphone, with the accent this time being on design not only power. Where most smartphones have a display that accounts for 60 per cent of their body, the ZL comes in with a massive 75 per cent. That has quite the impact if you ask me as the device looks simply brilliant.


With the Sony Xperia Z specs being top of the line, I was happy to see that the Sony Xperia ZL keeps the same overall setup. Here’s a quick rundown of the Sony Xperia ZL specifications:


  • 5-inch full 1080p display with a 441 ppi density
  • Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor at 1.5 GHz per core
  • Adreno 320 GPU
  • 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage with micro SD card for up to 32 extra GB
  • 13 MP main camera with an F2.4 aperture, 1080p recording
  • 2 MP front-facing shooter
  • Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, NFC, DLNA, MHL


In case this has sparked your interest, the Sony Xperia ZL price is set at $249.99 after a mail-in-rebate and a 2-year contract with Cincinnati Bell. Running Android 4.1 on top of all of that and with tons of goodies under its hood, you are looking at one of the best smartphones for 2013. But is it worth it with fierce competition coming in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One? Let us know which one you will be getting!


Source(s): PhoneArena, SlashGear


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