Nokia Entry-Level Smartphones – coming to MWC?

Nokia has had a difficult year and although their sales figures were good, they are still far from both Samsung and Apple. With fierce competition coming in from Huawei and ZTE, the Finish company is prepping to launch a number of entry-level smartphones running Windows Phone at MWC.

An anonymous source told Reuters that the company is prepping a couple of devices to broaden its field of play. These latest Nokia smartphones will be covering a wider array of the market, offering something for every budget. We’ve heard some rumors surrounding the Nokia EOS, a new high-end Windows Phone smartphone, but we are still unsure of what to expect from their entry-level offerings.


Despite getting good numbers with their Lumia lineup, the company is still suffering losses, finishing last year in the red. In comparison, Samsung and Apple sold roughly 10 times as many devices in the 4th quarter of 2012.


With Nokia’s decision a couple of years ago to move to the Windows Phone platform, users are still waiting to see the company make some more headway in that regard. If you plan on picking up a new Windows Phone powered smartphone, Nokia might just have something for you as well at this year’s Mobile World Congress!


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