Dota 2 Lifestealer Gameplay Video – OOwl’s Full Round

The huge array of Dota 2 heroes gives a huge complexity to the game and the Lifestealer is here to add some more. If you look for a hero to carry you in the late game and counter tanks like no other, the Lifestealer (or N’aix as he was known back in Dota 1) can help you. So let us take a look at the Dota 2 Lifestealer gameplay video and get to know the hero.

Dota 2 Lifestealer tips

There a few ways of playing the Lifestealer as you can either lane or jungle with him. My personal favorite in this regard puts the hero in the forest and this can help you gank heroes on the lanes while boost the experience gain for allied heroes.

The biggest bonus to his arsenal of abilities is his Feast skill, which makes him incredibly powerful against beefy heroes. The more hit-points you have, the more damage you will take. If you look for pure damage and ganking capabilities in a hero as well as a late game carry, the Lifestealer is the way to go. Being a strength hero, he can get very meaty in the late game, thus serve as a decent tank.

Dota 2 Lifestealer gameplay

Dota 2 Lifestealer - the beginning is always shy

His starting stats already show his focus on doing damage and also tanking a good bit early on. The Lifestealer starts with 625 HP, 195 Mana and a damage of 57 to 67. With a movement speed of 315,he is also faster than most heroes early on.

You must keep his damage output in mind, but this can be boosted through solid farm and a good item build. Without further ado, let us look at the Dota 2 Lifestealer abilities and skill build.

Dota 2 Lifestealer abilities and skill build

Rage is the first ability of the Lifestealer giving him a boost in attack speed as well as immunity to most spells. The attack speed bonus starts at 30 per cent and goes up to 80 percent at level 4 and the duration goes from 2.5 seconds all the way up to 4.75 seconds. The mana cost is low, as Rage costs 75 mana irrespective of level and has the same 15 second cooldown throughout the levels.

This is a great spell to either initiate a fight or to get out of a bad engagement and if you use your mana scarcely then you can use it to boost your farm in the woods.

Feast is the second ability in the Lifestealers arsenal giving him life leech equal to a percentage of the current HP of an enemy unit. This starts at 4 per cent of the current HP and moves up to 7 per cent. This means that if a hero has 100 HP and you attack him, with level 1 Feast you will do an additional 4 damage and steal the same amount of life.

This obviously means that the more HP a hero has the more damage you do as well as boost your lifesteal. Because of this mechanic, the Lifestealer is very effective against high HP heroes. A 3000 HP tank will receive a bonus of 210 damage if N’aix has level 4 on his Feast ability as well as return 210 HP to your hero.

However, this also means that the longer the fight and the lower the HP of your opponent, the less effective this will become. Huskar would monetize on such a situation.

The Lifestealers third ability is Open Woundswhich slows an enemy and offers lifesteal to surrounding allies. All the damage dealt to the enemy hero affected (physical or magic) will regenerate a portion of your allies’ HP. The spell gives a 70 per cent slow and the movement speed is recovered over a period of 8 seconds. The life leech offered by Open Wounds starts at 15 per cent of the damage dealt and goes up to 30 per cent.

Dota 2 Lifestealer gameplay

The Lifestealer can get into the action hard in this phase already

Infest is the Lifestealer’s ultimate which you can use to escape or initiate a fight. The hero can infest an allied hero, creep or even an enemy creep. The units which die around the Infested unit will offer the Lifestealer experience and when the Consume ability is used, the Lifestealer will recover HP equal to the current health of the infested unit.

Consume is the ability used to exist the “Infested” state. This will deal damage on a 700 AoE and damage scales from 150 on level 1 to 270 on level 2 and 400 on the third level. By using this ability on an allied hero with blink or any other form of initiating, you can join in the fight early on. This can also save your hero’s life, as you can Infest a creep or an allied hero to save yourself from damage.

Dota 2 Lifestealer item build

In terms of an item build for the Lifestealer, I go as standard as it can get in my little gameplay video. I start with a Stout Shield and Quelling Blade as well as Tangos for healing. Some might prefer to drop the Quelling Blade in favor of more healing or some Branches, but personally I like the boost it can give in terms of farming speed.

Also, the Quelling Blade can offer an escape mechanism in the early stages when Lifestealer doesn’t have the damage or the HP to take on long fights.

I finish off my Power Threads first as these boost the hero’s ability to gank, farm and also his durability. The Armlet is the best possible item for the Lifestealer. This is because of the strength boost (and thus damage and HP boost) it gives the hero. The increased attack speed and damage will make one hell of a beast out of the Lifestealer.

My following item is the Desolator which gives an incredible boost to the Lifestealers damage output. You go from a calm puppy to a full-blown attack dog in seconds of getting it. Note that this item can be changed up at times, so make sure to be aware of what heroes you are fighting against. If you are dealing with heavy nukers you might wish to go for a Vanguard or even an earlier Armor Cuirass.

Dota 2 Lifestealer gameplay

No point in hiding from the Lifestealer now!

I follow the Desolator up usually with a Heart of Tarrasque  mostly to boost the hero’s HP. The added 300 HPs and 40 Strength will make the Lifestealer an excellent semi-tank. Also, the added strength will help in the longer fights as well as boost your damage.

Again, this last item I suggest can be exchanged for a Daedalus or a Monkey King Bar or alternatively, it can be followed by either one of them.

Based solely on theorycrafting, I think the Abyssal Blade would also be a good item for the Lifestealer in the later stages. However, I would suggest then dropping the Desolator and going for the Basher instead.

Whatever item build you might decide to take, check out my full Dota 2 Lifestealer gameplay video, drop me a line and see for yourself how the hero works out in a full game. Drop a line in the comments, share and rate!

Check out the full video for my Dota 2 Lifestealer Gameplay below! — Full sized screenshots can be found Here!


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