Dota 2 Outworld Destroyer Gameplay Video – OOwl’s Full Round

Dota 2 Outworld Destroyer

Dota 2 Outworld Destroyer - Destroy your opponents!

Valve just pushed out another new hero in the latest patch so I set up a quick Dota 2 OutWorld Destroyer gameplay video. The Outworld Destroyer is the new name assigned to the Obsidian Destroyer in Dota 1, but the hero remained unchanged. I will go over the skills as well as the items of the hero, along with a couple of tips on how I played him.

Dota 2 Outworld Destroyer tips

The first thing to keep in mind is that the Destroyer is frail early on like most intelligence heroes out there. Unlike Leshrac, he does have an “escape” mechanism thanks to his ability Astral Imprisonment. This gives you the chance to be a little bit more greedy with your farm or venture out over the river even in games which don’t go that well.

His damage and his ultimate scale excellently late game, making him one of the few intelligence carry heroes. More intelligence means more mana, means more damage and in return a stronger ultimate. This allows the Outworld Destroyer to dish out massive amounts of damage against any hero in any stage of the game.

With the damage in mind, you must also remember that the hero is pretty fragile, so playing safe even in late game, is essential.

Dota 2 Outworld Destroyer abilities and skill build

Destroyer’s first spell is Arcane Orb, a unique attack modifier which transforms 6 per cent (7/8/9 per cent) of your current mana into damage. The orb’s damage is calculated after the cast of the spell, meaning that with a 338 starting mana pool, you lose roughly 30 per cent of your full pool with one cast.

This means that the spell isn’t that good early on, as you will never be able to properly harvest its damage bonus. Later on, the damage boasted by the Arcane Orb can really make the hero shine. The mechanic of the spell is highly similar to what you can see in Silencer.

The second spell in the Outworld Destroyer arsenal is Astral Imprisonment. This not only allows you to escape tight situations, but tilt the scale in your favor, either disabling your opponents or boosting your ultimate damage. Astral Imprisonment has a range of 550 units, steals 2/4/6/8 intelligence depending on level and imprisons the targeted hero for 1/2/3/4 seconds.

You can cast it on allies as well (no intelligence is stolen) or on yourself. The duration of the steal is 60 seconds on all levels, yet with a 12 second cooldown on level 4, you can rack up to 32 intelligence. This spell is excellent in the lane phase as it lowers mana regeneration and mana pool for your opponents, giving you the edge in terms of creeping.

The third ability is Essence Aura, one of the best auras in the game in my view. Essence Aura has a radius of 1000 units,  boosts your mana pool by 300 at level 4 and gives you a chance to restore 25 per cent of your entire mana pool. At level 4 you have a 40 per cent chance to restore mana at each spell cast and this applies to your allies as well. This is the spell which really allows you to spam away and keep Arcane Orb on auto-cast.

Last, but not least, we have the Outworld Destroyer’s ultimate, Sanity’s Eclipse. This ultimate can be boosted with the Scepter, so in the first phase, we will go over the “un-buffed” version.

Sanity’s Eclipse has a cast range of 700 units, a radius of 575 and a mana cost of 325 at level 3. Every enemy hero caught in it will suffer 10x the intelligence difference between him and Destroyer in damage. This means that if your Outworld Destroyer has 100 intelligence and your opponent has 30, he will receive 700 damage minus the 25 per cent stock magic resistance. Scepter boosts this to a multiplier of 11 and a cast range of 800. With a cooldown of 160 seconds on all levels, you will not exactly spam this one.

The other important element about Sanity’s Eclipse is that if a hero takes less damage than the damage threshold for each level (80/270/500) that hero will lose 75% of his mana.

Dota 2 Outworld Destroyer item build

Item wise, I start the game with 2x Mantles of Intelligence, 2x Branches, Tangos and a Healing Salve. In the early stages mana regeneration isn’t that crucial in my opinion and these items should boost your mana pool as well as your hit points decently.

The first item to get is Power Threads as they will boost your intelligence (and by that you mana pool, your Arcane Orb damage and your ultimate damage) and follow it up with Null Talisman(s). Then I jump straight for the Scythe of Vyse and Shiva’s Guard. The basic idea behind each item is that you wish to boost your intelligence as much as possible as this will give you huge DPS.

If the build seems a little bit difficult (you need to watch out for gangs a lot), you can try an intermediary item (Eul’s, Force Staff, etc) and then go for Mystic Staff based items. Note that farming is off the essence and you need another way of escaping/disabling heroes. Astral Imprisonment can go so far in achieving that.

Check out the full Dota 2 Outworld Destroyer gameplay video below and as always, comment, rate and share. Enjoy!


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