Apple vs Samsung – Galaxy Nexus might get barred!

Apple versus Samsung

Apple versus Samsung - Who will win?

The Apple versus Samsung dispute has been going on for quite some time. A while ago I was reading about the lengthy legal battles between the two companies, but the latest law suit started by Apple and aimed at Samsung, seems to hit them somewhere else.

Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus was designed to be “Apple-proof”, meaning that the company did everything in their power to make sure that such legal battles wouldn’t appear. However, in the latest law suit intended by Apple against Samsung, the Cupertino based company seems to target Google and not Samsung per-say.

Apple is asking for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus sales to get bared because of some features of Android 4.0. This isn’t directed against the Korean giant, but rather against Google. Elements like “Slide to Unlock” and voice command search, are the ones that have triggered this. These are all features which Apple considers to be too similar to what they do with Siri for example.

Samsung however did say that they wouldn’t let this one slide and that they would continue to, and I quote, “[…] assert out intellectual property rights and defend against Apple’s claims to ensure our continued innovation and growth in the mobile communications business.”

With the lengthy legal battles across the globe surrounding the two companies you really start to wonder what will be the outcome of this bout – Samsung versus Apple. FIGHT!

Source – Hot Hardware


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