HTC Endeavor specs confirmed – quad-core smartphones, ATTACK!

HTC Edge/ HTC Endeavour

HTC Endeavor - quad-core smartphone on the way!

As I posted just recently that the HTC Edge or HTC Endeavor is closing in on its launch date, I still didn’t know for sure what the specs would turn out to be. Of course the big selling point is represented by the quad-core processor, but the rest was basically a mystery. However, we are talking about an Android smartphone so people are bound to figure stuff out rather quickly.

The HTC Endeavor has had its specs confirmed via the folks over at XDA Developers. A leaked ROM for the HTC Endeavor has been posted up showing off the juicy specs and innards or the device. You get the much anticipated Tegra 3 quad-core processor in it, the 720p display alongside the 8MP main camera and 1.3MP front-facer. The other elements include Android 4.0.3 as well as Dropbox integration, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

The device for the time being is still clutched tightly by HTC themselves, however, the most plausible date to see the HTC Endeavor in action is at the Mobile World Congress, seeing as HTC is planning on pushing out a series of devices then.

Source – XDA Developers


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