Dota 2 Leshrac gameplay video – OOwl’s Full Round

Dota 2 Leshrac

Dota 2 Leshrac - Nuke them 'til they glow

It is that time again folks, the time to check out another Dota 2 gameplay video. This time around, we are checking out my little Dota 2 Leshrac gameplay vid. After so many agility and strength heroes, I figured an intelligence hero would be a nice change of pace.

Dota 2 Leshrac tips

The first think which I want to highlight is the change in the overall setup of these articles, which will now better complement the video. As such, I decided to introduce some elements into the articles themselves.

I have been looking through some Dota 2 Leshrac tips but being stubborn and generally a pain in the lower regions, I still did my own thing. The first tip for playing Leshrac is that you are dealing with a very squishy intelligence hero. Keep that in mind even when you are chasing some low HP strength hero.

The tide of battle can change in an instant and failing to spot the change can cost you gold and get you killed (in the game of course!).

Leshrac has maintained his great ability to dish out huge amounts of damage in short amounts of time, so make sure to compensate that with durability. The reason for this is the lack of any escape mechanism or ability for the hero. In a situation in which you could slow, stun or block an enemy hero with any other hero, Leshrac won’t cut it.

The delay on his stun spell will take some time to get used to, however, once you get past it, Leshrac’s abilities dish out huge amounts of damage quickly.

Dota 2 Leshrac abilities and skill build

The first ability in Leshrac’s bag of tricks is Split Earth. The spell has a cast range of 750 units and a stun duration of 2 seconds. The radius of the stun increases per level from 150 units initially to 225 units at level 4. Damage is ramped up from 120 at level 1 all the way to 300 at level 4. With a 9 second cooldown and a mana cost of 160 at its maximum level, the spell is one of my favorite stuns in the game. My only beef and the reason for which you might feel unsure about using it is the delay.

Diabolic Edict is the second spell and generates 32 explosions around Leshrac. The explosions happen in a 500 unit radius and will last for 8 seconds. The damage of each explosion starts at 12.5 and goes up to 50 thus giving you a total amount of damage of 1600 at level 4. The cooldown for this spell is 22 seconds and mana cost starts at 95 and goes to 155.

Lightning Storm is our third ability for Leshrac. The spell has a casting range of 700 and will jump 4 times at level 1 and 8 times at level 4 dealing 80 damage per jump at the first level and 265 at its maximum level. With a 5.5 second cooldown and a 145 mana cost at its max level, Lightning Storm can help you farm later on the game because of its reduced cooldown.

Last but not least we have Leshrac’s ultimate which is Pulse Nova. The spell has a 450 radius around Lesh, doing 66 damage per second at level 1 and 144 at level 3. The spell can be boosted with the Scepter bringing damage up to 88/133/177 damage per second. The spell has no cooldown as its on or off and will drain mana continuously while being casted. The initial mana cost is 110 and each subsequent second will cost you 20/40/60 mana.

Dota 2 Leshrac item build

I’ve seen plenty of Leshrac builds in my time spent playing Dota, but for this game I just go standard. I start off with a Tango, Healing Salve, a couple of Clarity pots and 2 Gloves of Strength. The first item I get are the Phase Boots followed by one Bracer and Perseverance. This is just the way the game turned out, but this can easily be changed to fit your needs in the game – adapt, adopt and improve!

The item build I use for Lesh is pretty straightforward as I want to boost his mana pool and HP while at the same time give myself the ability to spam the living hell out of those high damage spells. Your target is to nuke almost continuously as you can drop towers or heroes irrespective of the moment in the game as long as you have the mana for it.

So the build continues with me wrapping up the Bracers (add up HP), Bloodstone and basically the game ends around that time J I would have continued with Shiva’s or if there is a pretty fat carry hero on their team, a good old Sheepstick.

If you wish to check out more Dota 2 gameplay videos, check out the channel and the Dota 2 playlist on it. Next up – The Venomancer!


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