Samsung Galaxy mini 2 – small and sexy

Samsung Galaxy mini 2

Samsung Galaxy mini 2 - Drop them standards!

People are always dreamingly doodling around the shape and design of a Droid RAZR, the luscious curves of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or the smooth and sexy lines of the HTC Sensation. But come on, be a realist. When you are out in a bar, you are not going to go straight for the hottest chick, because you aren’t me and because you know that odds are better with a normal one (NOT SAYING THAT IS BAD, IT’S JUST BEING AWARE OF YOUR OWN LEVEL O_O). So let’s look at the “normal” Samsung Galaxy mini 2.

The Samsung Galaxy mini 2 is coming in right at the bottom of the current lineup, well actually, right above the Samsung Galaxy Y. However, unlike the previous Galaxy mini, the new model is sporting some welcome upgrades which would make the device a much more feasible entry-level device. In terms of specifications, it’s not mind blowing, but it will get the job done. You get a 3.3 inch HVGA display, an 800MHz processor, 3MP main camera, 3 GB of storage along with Android Gingerbread thrown on top of it all.

Considering that the first Samsung Galaxy mini came in with a 600MHz processor and a lower resolution screen (only 320×240), the mini 2 is a welcome upgrade. If you want a cheap yet decent Android device, the Samsung Galaxy mini 2 is rumored to be announced at this month’s Mobile World Congress. This should bring some pricing as well as a release date for the device.

Source – GSM Arena


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