Dota 2 OOwl’s Full Round – Sniper

Dota 2 Sniper

Dota 2 Sniper - Watch out for them headshots!

It’s been quite some time since I posted up a new video and I do apologize for that one folks, but exams have been a bitch and considering that I was sick as well, Dota 2 gameplay videos weren’t exactly on my top 5 things to do today. That’s quite a lot of TO’s and D’s and stuff. Anyway, moving on from this failed introduction, I’m here to present you the Dota 2 Sniper and my full Dota 2 match showing off gameplay with the little dwarf.

By the way, that previous terms was not derogatory as the Sniper was modeled after the dwarf snipers from Warcraft 3 in Dota 1. But yes, DWARF! So, the Sniper in Dota 2 maintained his title of carry hero from the first Defense of the Ancients title. The spells at your disposal are Shrapnel which has a cast range of 1200, a radius of 350 and lasts for 8 seconds. The spell will cap at 48 dps and a move speed slow of 30 per cent. Mana cost and cooldown remain the same for all levels.

Dota 2’s Sniper also maintained Headshot (one of my favorite passive’s in the game) which gives you a 0.2 second mini stun and a 50 damage bonus when it connects. The chance to get it is 40 per cent. Take Aim is the 3rd spell in the arsenal of the Sniper and it passively increases your range by up to 260 units. His ultimate is excellent for stealing some kills or softening up those carry heroes before a large battle. It fires a single shot at a hero with a maximum range of 2500 units and does 655 damage at level 3 with a 10 second cooldown at that level.

The item build I use in this game is pretty straightforward as I’ll start off with a couple of Wraith Bands, get Boots of Speed and Power Threads and then basically farm like a boss. Farm is highly important on any carry hero, but Sniper is basically very similar to Bone in this aspect as he is very fragile. So the first item of choice would be the Lothars Edge (or Shadow Blade as kids today call it). However, be wary of that as another hero with invisibility in your team might just prompt your opponents to start investing heavily in detection.

I follow the Shadow Blade up with  Helm of the Dominator and the go on to Yasha and Manta Style. I wrap up this game with a Daedalus but you can continue with a Butterfly or even a Satanic. Damage as far as it goes along with attack speed. Back in the days Sange and Yasha was also a good combo, but I don’t know how well it works now. Give it a try and check out the full Dota 2 Sniper gameplay vid below!


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