Amazon teaches us math with the Kindle Fire vs iPad commercial

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire - PICK ME, I'M CHEAP!

Apparently Amazon considers that no one out there actually knows how much an iPad 2 or a Kindle product cost. Well, to make sure that there is no confusion when talking about these devices and their price tag, the latest Kindle Fire commercial points fingers (not THE finger) at the iPad 2 and its price tag.

Although quite some time has passed, the Kindle Fire still thinks that it needs to point out the obvious – that it’s cheap. We know that already. It’s probably the ONLY reason we know of your existence so get a move on and stop holding up the line. In this latest Kindle Fire commercial we see your stereotypical iPad user (missing a brain hemisphere probably) hitting on a married woman (standard). The ad goes on saying that you can get 3 – THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS, THREE, Kindle devices for the price of an iPad 2.

I am convinced that audiences across the globe were shattered and shocked to find this out. The fact that 2x 199+ 79 is LESS than 499. Those are the price tags by the way. Well despite that, we now know and this is all thanks to Amazon. I’m not quite sure how they were thinking about this commercial, but at some point probably someone said “DUDE, IT’S LIKE… CHEAPER YOU KNOW!?” and unfortunately for us, they ran with it.

Despite loving Android devices, I keep feeling that no one actually knows how to market them. Verizon kind of knew, but they haven’t been pushing anything outstanding lately. Your thoughts on the ad?

Source – Amazon Via – Phone Arena


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