Samsung Galaxy Note Super Bowl Ad – people get “Samsunged”?

Samsung Galaxy Note - Pens to the masses!

I’m glad that Samsung is doing well, I’m glad that they are releasing great products and I’m glad I get to see someone really push Apple’s buttons. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note Super Bowl ad seemed to be pushing my buttons to be quite honest with you. I felt annoyed just as I would feel when someone is poking me with a stick continuously. Why? Read on!

Now the ad ran just before the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl and was 1 minute and 30 seconds long. Talk about air time right? Well, Samsung somehow managed to bypass all of the specifications of the device and show people burst out in simultaneous coordinated dancing. Really? Android users do that, cause if yes, I think I was going to all the wrong meetings. The ad doesn’t say anything about the 5.3 inch Super AMOLED HD display, nothing about the dual-core processor, nothing about the real deal-breakers, no features no nothing.

But it has a pen. The Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T, with 4G LTE connectivity, has a pen. Seriously Samsung? Is this what you’ve stooped down to? I mean I get that you are happy about the launch of the device in the US, but just give people more to work with don’t just try and draw a circle on the display and then start a dance routine, this isn’t Dirty Dancing and yes, you can put Baby in a corner with this kind of stunt… Ehm, I might be just annoyed but we are talking about a good device here so I might let this one slip. Check out the commercial and see for yourself – we now dance for some pen…

Source – Samsung


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