Dota 2 OOwl’s Full Round – Weaver

Dota 2 Weaver - Get sneaky!

When it comes to pub games, most of the time you will be getting a piece of the action alongside some carries. OK, who am I kidding, everyone is going for carries and everyone wants mid. Reason for which, believe it or not, making a video for a carry hero is actually the biggest challenge right now. In case you saw my Jakiro gameplay video, you should see how easily it works out with support heroes.

If you played the first Dota, then the Dota 2 Weaver shouldn’t have any surprises here for you. The spells of the Weaver will help you out in farming like a boss as well as staying alive like one, however, as with most carry heroes, he is very squishy early on. Getting ahead of yourself can spell a quick death, so make sure to be on your best behavior. Starting from left to right the Weaver spells are – The Swarm, Shukuchi, Geminate Attack and Time Lapse.

The Swarm is basically a … well, swarm… of 12 beetles that will attack enemy units in their path and latch on to those, doing damage and reducing the armor of the one’s being attack until they are killed. The range for this spell is 3000 and mana cost is 100 irrespective of level. Shukuchi is the real deal breaker, as it gives you invisibility for 4 seconds and unit walking. When you pass through enemy units in Shukuchi, you will do damage to them. Fade time is 0.25 seconds and cool down is 4 seconds at the maximum level with mana cost being 60.

Geminate Attack is the Weaver’s ability to attack twice every few seconds. If at level 1 the passive activates itself every 6 seconds, at level 4 the Weaver will attack twice every 2.5 seconds. This is however an attack modifier, so unique attack effects like bash or critical and so on, will never be triggered by the second attack. The Weaver’s ultimate will teleport you back in time 5 seconds, regaining the HP and mana you had at that moment.

My item build is pretty straightforward and because of a slow beginning I went for Power Threads, Wraith Bands and then topped it all off with a Radiance. Towards the end I was setting up my Linkens Sphere. The build is straightforward as the initial items will boost your damage while offer you the extra HP to stay alive in case of nukes, while the Radiance will greatly increase your damage output and your ability to farm easily and en-masse.

If the game goes on, you could go for a Monkey King Bar, Butterfly, Daedalus and basically anything with damage. Linken’s Sphere/ Vanguard/ Heart of Tarasque are items which you should get basically in any game ( I mean one of them at least ) just to keep you alive, since unlike Anti-Mage or Faceless Void, you won’t get lifesteal going, so you’ll have to rely on superior HPs in fights. Check out the Dota 2 Weaver gameplay video below!



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