Android vs iOS – which one is more stable?

Android vs iOS - FIGHT!

Well, I’m pretty sure that if they had physical existence (and they sort of do, but that’s not the point!) they wouldn’t tip over on a table. However, that’s not what I’m ranting on about here, but something a little bit more different. We’re talking about application stability and how this works out on these two operating systems. Android versus iOS – which one is more stable?

According to a research done by Crittercism during the November and December last year on over 214 million application launches, Android seems to come out on top. Although some Apple zealots will start charging at us screaming at the top of their lungs that we are insane, the fact of the matter is that Android is just that much more stable. To put things into perspective, iOS covers 75 per cent of total app crashes in that period. It seems that despite “fragmentation” and the huge variety of devices running Android, the platform is a whole lot more stable.

This research might come into Apple’s favor if the company had the dominating part of the market share, yet as chance has it, there are way more Android smartphones running wild out there then there are Apple devices. Despite Android being “fragmented”, despite it being spread across the board on a huge amount of different manufacturers, the platform and the apps for it crash a whole lot less. This means that you are dealing with a lot better OS here folks, just plain and simple.

One would argue then that iOS apps are worse in terms of coding, but if we keep in mind that the Apple App store is a lot stricter in terms of accepting newcomers and that the Android Market is basically home for anyone with a keyboard and an Android smartphone, I feel that the point is pretty simple – Android versus iOS in terms of stability – Android wins!

Source – Forbes


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