Samsung and Corning team up – the result? Curved OLED/AMOLED displays

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is getting there!

If you ever had the chance to play around with a Google Nexus S or a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, then you might’ve spotted the curved display design. These devices are employing this small touch brought in by Samsung which adds not only to usability but in terms of aesthetics as well. Although you kind of need to pay attention to spot it, the Korean company is teaming up with Corning to bring curved OLED and AMOLED displays.

Now if we’ve seen these already, what’s the big news on curved displays then? I mean if you are to look at any CRT monitor from back in the days, we were happy to get rid of the “curved” displays and change them for flat screens. So what’s this talk about curving the displays on our devices? In the case of smartphones, curved displays add not only to visibility, but they can also improve the overall feel of the device once it’s tightly pressed against your face.

This new type of display will be called Lotus Glass and thanks to the technology employed, it will be very well implemented with organic light-emitting diode displays (OLED) and will also allow for curving to take a little bit more to the extreme. Thanks to this, we won’t see “curved” displays used as a marketing move, but actually see a little bit more extreme angles. I don’t know how much you might enjoy this design, but the overall idea seems just fine to me. If you’re interested, check out the source below!

Source – Android Community


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