Dota 2 OOwl’s Full Round – Huskar

Dota 2 Huskar is HERE!

It’s that time again folks, the time at which you facepalm every few minutes, where you scream at your monitor like I would hear you and that time in which you ask yourself why again it is that you are watching this video. It’s time for another Dota 2 full match, this time around showing off the Huskar gameplay and some mighty mighty fine kills as well.

Although not on my favorite list, Huskar is one of those bread and butter heroes people should really learn how to play with. He can fall unfortunately into two huge categories – either rape an entire team or just get mauled at every fight, so farming, control and a good sense of his limits will help you out in wracking up kills like a boss. In this game I’m going for a pretty standard build for me, so I kick it off with 3 Gloves of Strength and a healing salve. This should give me enough health to tank early nukes as well as keep me alive until I can get some movespeed going.

Once I wrap up my Power Threads, my next item is the Armlet, which stacks very nicely with Huskars strength oriented stats as well as his healing. Following up the Power Threads, 3 Bracers and Armlet combo, the Helm of Dominator is my next item. At this point you should take out your secondary spell Burning Spear as the orb effect from it won’t stack with your lifesteal. Next up you finish up a Satanic and depending on your opposing heroes you can go for either a Black King Bar or Heart of Tarasque. There are plenty of items to choose from but as long as you keep up the strength and the damage, you should be just fine. So check out my little Dota 2 Huskar full match gameplay video!


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