Steam brought to Android – STEAM ENGINES AHOY!

Steam on Android O_O

Although we are talking about technology which is over 200 years old, Steam is bringing it back in style and Valve can be very proud of their little achievement. The fine folks over at the company are pushing out the official Steam app for Android and it’s here to bring you all the goodies of the platform which is saving the PC!

As a PC zealot myself I can’t be happier to see that the platform is arriving on Android as well. Note that you won’t be able to play the games on Steam (kind of figured that one out myself), but you can however use every other functionality. You can talk to your Steam friends (I don’t have any, but it’s an option for you), you can browse game deals, you can check out the news on Steam as well as a number of other sources like Kotaku, RockPapeShotgun as well as ShackNews.

There’s plenty of functionality to make this app worth your download and to think that it’s also being offered up for free, I don’t think you should miss checking it out at least and see what it could bring to you. If you do have a Steam account, this should be a good addition to your Android smartphone.

Get yours HERE


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