Sony Xperia S Whitepaper released – we’ll now know who the father is O_O

Sony Xperia S - full specs outed!

The first device to go out without the Ericsson branding, along with the Sony Xperia Ion, the Xperia S has just gotten its full specs list released via the UK retailer Clove. If you’ve been planning on picking up a new device and for some awkward reason you didn’t like Ericsson (WHY NOT?) then this is the device you should be going for, as it finally has all the necessary ingredients to compete in today’s market.

Clove UK has gotten the full 18 page Whitepaper for the Sony Xperia S and you can find basically everything there is to know about the device. The Sony Xperia S release date is scheduled for early March for us here in Europe. The device will come with a copy of Need for Speed Shift along with a micro-HDMI cable (THANK YOU!). The Xperia S will also come with a “shatter proof sheet on scratch resistant glass” which sounds all nice and fun, however the on-board storage seems a touch disappointing as the Whitepaper is claiming that we’ll be getting “1 to 1.5GB” of storage.

There is a micro SD card slot inside so that might help out in that regard. The main camera is a 12MP shooter with 16x digital zoom, an f/2.4 aperture along with 3D sweep panorama which you might’ve seen on the Xperia Arc S.

There’s plenty more stuff crammed into the first love child which comes out with Ericsson listed as the father (and yes, by this analogy Sony is the mother) but if you wish to know it, check out the source below!


Source Clove


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