Counter-Strike for Android gets pirated!

Counter Strike Portable - when free gets pirated!

ARRRRR We be pirates and we be sailin’ on them 7ish seas and now we are here to take your moneys! The improper use of the English language in that previous line was to illustrate a pirate on a boat. Probably. In any case, it seems that Counter-Strike Portable gets pirated and sold on the Android Market, showing that the hard work of a couple of guys can still easily be stolen.

Intellectual propriety is becoming an increasing element in today’s market and as chance has it, this is the main issue of this small article. XDA Developers Pavel M and FrIuNs worked quite a lot of time developing Counter-Strike Portable and after releasing it for free they were accepting donations for it. As chance has it, they found their very own application on the Android Markplace being sold for $9.99. They contacted Google and using their Facebook page, they asked users to report the application in the Market.

Thanks to the support of their users and probably Google, the application was taken down, yet the harm was done already. So this raises the question of – how many such applications are there on the Google Android Market. I mean we know that we are dealing with a huge number of apps out there, but still, think of developers who don’t have this kind of support and who don’t get the chance to push this issue as quickly.

My tip, if you find an app which you know was free and developed by someone else, raise awareness of it. It’s these kinds of issues which generate acts as SOPA and PIPA! That and the desire to control the Internet, BUT that’s a whole other issue in itself.

Source AndroidCommunity


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