Dota 2 OOwl’s Full Round – Nature’s Prophet

Dota 2 Nature's Prophet - Eco friendly ownage!

That’s right folks, just like a bad case of herpes I’m back and owning up people yet again. This time around I’m taking a stab at the Nature’s Prophet and was that fun indeed. After a couple of games which annoyed me (my team was actually good so games ended in a little over 20 minutes) we have this one in which my team is … there and I take the “easy way out”! – PS NO, I’m not leaving the game!

What do you think I am? A douchebag? Well, chances are high that you just might be right, however, not when it comes to Dota manner (seems like an oxymoron to me…). In any case, the item build I go for in this game starts off with Ring of Basilius, Hands of Midas and goes on to Aga’s Sceptre, Stygian and then some other thing which I forgot what it was… Oh yes and obviously enough, Orchid. The way to play NP is rather straightforward as you’ll need to farm like a baws.

Nothing really matters other than your farm and the occasional gang here and there, but other than that, you want to cross the 600 gold per minute mark with Hands of Midas. If you do and get these items up quickly, you should be in an AOK shape. Now I won’t keep this techno babble up just check out the damn game! And of course, if you like it, please do share it ! ❤


One thought on “Dota 2 OOwl’s Full Round – Nature’s Prophet

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