Sony the artist formerly known as Sony Ericsson

Sony has it all now!

In a world which moves at the pace at which ours moves, it’s hard to pinpoint a brand which will last. That’s because we’ve been shifting through technologies at an incredible rate and with that in mind, the old powers need to move out of the way, make room for those who are coming with new ideas and concepts. That’s the case with Sony’s purchase of the Ericsson share!

If until now you had a Sony Ericsson device, from now on you’ll be referring to it as a Sony device since the European Commission green lighted the purchase of Ericsson by the Japanese company. Ericsson’s share in the whole deal is up to $1.05 billion and once all the commissions will be giving out the green light on this, Sony will be allowed to sell its devices under its own brand, dropping Ericsson from the name plate.

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show we’ve gotten the chance to check out some of those devices already which won’t be coming with the Ericsson branding – the Sony Xperia Ion (headed for AT&T) and the Sony Xperia S.


Source IntoMobile


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