In North Korea, cell phone calls you!

In NK government calls you!

If you are a hardcore supporter of dictatorships then this little post might just be of use to you in setting up your very own dystopia. If you’ve been having issues managing the masses, if for some unbeknownst reason the peasants and the proletariat is rising against you, what if you cut their cell phones. That should take care of mass gatherings as well as severely reduce the number of uprisings. That’s at least what North Korea seems to be doing now.

Although I didn’t suspect the country to have a 3G network, they actually do. Unlike the ones here in the West though, there are some ups and downs with it. First of all, the network has 400,000 subscribers roughly and unlike you and me, those subscribers can only call people within their own social status. That would mean that if you are middle class, you can only call someone else within the middle class and if you are on the top, you can only call people from the top. Note that the conversations are monitored, because we are giving people the ability to speak to each other so we must make sure they aren’t saying anything bad about the government.

After the “loss” of their “beloved” Kim Jong Il, the leading party (the only party to be quite honest) decided to ban mobile phones for the following 100 days in signs of mourning.  I might not be your run of the mill dictator but this seems like quite the move to make as this would indeed limit any sort of “uprising” the People might have in mind. The government said that all 3G services will be restored after the 100 day period, but I say, why give it back at all? Your thoughts as a future dictator?


One thought on “In North Korea, cell phone calls you!

  1. He ain’t doing it right.When I’ll take the throne of North Korea I am going t5o also prohibit break time during work (toilet usage, talking to people, eating, relaxing list go on) and most certainly limit water and food supply for only 50% of daily nutrition value requirement to activate the “survival gene” in all my countrymen and make them live 30% longer so that they can produce at least 200% more value.
    Cellphones should be burned, they are source of irradiation.

    North Korean rulers need

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