Dota 2 OOwl’s Full Round – Storm Spirit

The Storm Spirit is showing off!

Helloo and welcome back to another Dota 2 gameplay video, this time around I’ll be showcasing the Storm Spirit. One of the most interesting heroes in my view thanks to his ultimate mechanic, the Storm Spirit can act in a huge variety of situations. This time around we’ll see some ganking, we’ll see huge team battles and of course pure pure ownage for the enjoyment of the masses.

Unlike the Bone Fletcher the Storm Spirit is rather easy to use as his ultimate will allow you to get out of hairy situations. For this game my build is Power Threads, Linken’s Sphere, Orchid, Eye of Skadi and last but not least Shiva’s Guard. All of these items work out in making him quite the beefy mofo. The choice of Linke’s over Orchid first was due to their teams setup. The ability to save your fat lazy ass every once in a while does add up nicely and can keep you alive during ganks. The added mana/health regen should work out excellently in keeping you farming and active across the map. Orchid is rather self explanatory as the silence and mana regen.

Eye of Skadi along with Shiva’s Guard were added later on to make my slow fingers work less in keeping me alive and as you can see by the end of the video, that worked out just fine.


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