Samsung Galaxy Tab with quad-core processor on board! HELL YEAH!

Quad-Core Samsung Galaxy Tab incoming!

If you are like me and had nothing better to do these past few weeks you might’ve heard that the Samsung Galaxy S III might not make an appearance at the Mobile World Congress later on in February in Barcelona. It seems that the reason behind that is the Samsung is planning on showing off their new Samsung Galaxy Tab powered by a quad-core processor.

Being like a small Japanese school girl in this regard, I almost let out a scream in joy, seeing as Samsung allegedly will be using their very own Exynos 5250 quad-core processor to power the tablet. Not only that, but the frequency seems off the chart as well, as the alleged quad-core Exynos 5250 will be clocked at 2GHz per core. The display on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab seems to be upped to 11.6 inches as well and that the resolution will be 2560 x 1600 pixels (WXQGA) making it easily compete with the rumors for the iPad 3.

The new Exynos chip is also rumored to carry with itself up to 5 times the processing power in terms of graphics than the last generation of Samsung made chips. If this isn’t enough to start your nerd sense tingle, then I don’t know what else would!

Source Android and Me


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab with quad-core processor on board! HELL YEAH!

    • As the news first came out, it was marked as a quad-core on le source. If you check out a more recent post I think I covered that we are dealing with a dual-core in the shape of the 5250

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