Sony Xperia S – Through snow and storms

Sony Xperia S - no dirt in sight!

As the release date of the Sony Xperia S is closing in on us quickly, more details are starting to pop up on the device in question. We’ve gotten a quick few looks a while ago and one of the first models to be dropping the Ericsson branding is close to get here. Now it seems that the sneaky Sony employees have put some more stuff ON the device.

We know that we’re dealing here with a dual-core beast with a 720p display but this time around we found some news on what the smartphone has around itself. It seems that the Sony Xperia S is coming with a dirt-repellent and UV-active nano-coating which sounds all fancy and cool, but seeing as we have no tech data on these two we’ll just have to assume that they will be adding a new level of protection to your device.

Either that or the Sony Xperia S will start stealing your money, beating your kids and then running off with your wife. Let’s hope Sony doesn’t take their technical innovations from “How to be a Richard : 101”. The Sony Xperia S release date is set for the 2nd week of March while those in the US will be getting the Sony Xperia Ion sometime in Q2.


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