HTC Rezound – Sneaky global device?

HTC Rezound - To global or not to global?

The one big issue I have with most device manufacturers and carriers alike is the fact that we can’t all just have the same devices across the board. I understand that networks use different frequencies and even different technologies (CMDA vs GSM) but can’t we all just get along? It seems that the HTC Rezound, became unwillingly the first to cross the line.

Thanks to the sneaky folks over at XDA, we now know that the HTC Rezound has apparently support for working globally. This turned out when a UK user got himself the HTC Rezound in hopes of unlocking it and then using it on T-Mobile. Even without the unlock code, the said user managed to get the device to work on T-Mobile. After placing a SIM card into the device and setting the network to “WCDMA Only” the device got connected to the network.

Note that he also got data transfer active via the connection, so we aren’t talking only about phone calls here. HTC and Verizon still claim that the HTC Rezound is not global, but there have been more and more users discovering that it actually does. If you are looking for a device which you can use anywhere basically, the HTC Rezound is going for $199 on a 2 year contract with Big Red. Put an unlockable bootloader on top of it and you’re set!

Source XDA


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