Sony Tapioca and Sony Nypon – drop the Ericsson!

Drop them Ericssons!

Last year saw the “demise” of one of the oldest corporations on the European territory, namely Ericsson, who lost its share in the Sony / Ericsson venture after Sony bought their share out for over 1$ billion. Now with that out of the way, it seems that Sony is working up a couple of more devices which should be detailed further at the Mobile World Congress in February.

Although Tapioca keeps bringing back some unpleasant memories (the word not the phone) the device comes in with a very stylish looking design. Considering the hump on the back of the device, we might be tempted to say that we are dealing with a pretty large battery in this one. Although a few days ago images were leaked showing off the Tapioca, the device didn’t come with any physical softkeys and the Sony Tapioca does come with those.

The Sony Nypon is a low end Android smartphone coming in with a 3.2 inch HVGA display, an 800MHz processor, 4GB of built-in storage as well as 512MB of RAM. If that little one is competitively priced, Sony would have something to fight those entry level devices and grab some of that market share. Check out the source link for all the images.


Source Android Community


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