Antec Three Hundred Two – Isn’t that Six Hundred?

Antec Three Hundred Two - 302!

Let’s all be glad I am not part of Antec’s naming committee because I would have named this one as the Dragon Assassin Omega Doom Monster Case of Awesome. However, the successor to the highly appreciated Antec Three Hundred is here and it’s the Antec Three Hundred Two (really Antec?). Thank god their products are better than the names they come up with!

Moving on from the blatantly obvious, the Antec Three Hundred Two is coming in as a nice revival of the original case. You get a ton of goodies stuck into this one as well, as the case supports ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ITX mainboard, has 3x 5.25 inch bays externally and 6x 3.5 inch and 2x 2.5 inch internal bays. You have a 2x 120mm fan mount on the front, a 1x 120mm Antec TwoCool exhaust fan, a 140mm Antec TwoCool exhaust fan on the top and on the sides you will get another two 120mm fan mounts.

The Antec Three Hundred Two supports 8 expansion slots, comes with 2x USB 3.0 ports on the front along with mic and headphone jacks and will weigh in at 15.3 lbs (that’s 6.9 kg). The price for the Antec Three Hundred Two Five Four Cheese Cookies is $79 which would make this one hell of a deal for those budget systems. Check out the full specs and shots in the source below.

Source Antec


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