Sony Tablet S – selling like cocai…nuts in the UK

Sony Tablet S - SSSSSS

When I first saw the Sony Tablet S I thought to myself, and this is what I actually thought to myself folks, I won’t try to censure myself or tone it down a bit, no sir, so this is what I thought – It’s a tablet. I know, shocking to some, offensive to others, but that’s the truth, pure and simple there. If news should be giving you the truth, cold, hard and uncensored, we’d end up with more porn then we’d like to. But I digress.

The Sony Tablet S has been selling like crazy in the UK as the tablet managed to grab first place in terms of market share there. The Sony Tablet S reached 26% of the market share for Android tablets and that’s pretty impressive seeing as it’s competing against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which isn’t banned there (yes Germany, I’m looking at you!).

Although the holiday season saw some heavy discounts to the already cheap BlackBerry PlayBook, the Sony Tablet S still managed to reach decent sales figures during the period. The Sony Tablet P however doesn’t seem to faire just as well, but alas, the company should be glad they are doing this well. The Sony Tablet S and the Tablet P will be getting updated to Android 4.0 this spring, so if you own one of the two (or both of them you rich bastard), then keep your eyes peeled for the update!

Waiter, a Sony Tablet and drop the S!


… ony Tablet? What?


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