Google Privacy Policy Update – now for slow readers as well

Google Be Friendly!

Privacy Policies along with Terms of Use are probably the least read documents invented by humans. There are a number of reasons behind this but mainly because people just tend to quietly agree with them. In order to make sure that users are informed, Google released their new Privacy Policy in simpler terms and fewer words.

That’s all fine and good, because finally we’ll have more people learning about what exactly is happening on their devices and on their accounts. If until now you’ve been reticent about what exactly is happening and going on behind your display, thanks to the new Google Privacy Policy, you’ll be able to get a better idea of what exactly your information is used for.

All of these changes are supposed to increase interactivity of your different Google Accounts and in the end offer you a better experience across the board. You’ll be getting better search results, a better calendar system and this obviously doesn’t apply only to Gmail, Google Search, YouTube but also to Android OS powered smartphones.

Well thank you Google for making us understand and that you have demonstrated that with this short video as well! Now, let’s see how do I crack the password to my PayPal account… I always forget the damn thing! PAYPAL Y U NO FRIENDLY LIEK GOOGLE?!


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