HTC Drops the bootloader lock

HTC Drops the lock!

Talk about a virgin losing its chastity belt, as it seems that HTC is finally loosening up the whole deal with their bootloaders. Although even up until now, those determined to get custom ROMs going could, HTC is adding more devices to their bootloader unlocking tool, thus giving you the access to all the moist and goody parts of 6 additional devices.

HTC’s bootloader unlocking tool has now support for the HTC incredible, ChaCha, Desire Z, T-Mobile G2, Aria as well as the Status. By this move they have grown a little bit in my eyes, releasing their unsuspecting products into the greedy, custom made hands of mouth breathers like me. If you are happy about this, then please do keep it to yourself.

If you don’t know what it exactly means, feel free to share it and say “I like this”. Because I do !


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