DotA 2 – battle and bad manner all in one package!

I just recently got my hands on an invitation to DotA 2 so I decided to do a quick recording of me dicking around in the game. The recording consists of a full game with Drow Ranger. If you are interested in seeing more DotA 2 videos make sure to drop a line there.

Overall Valve made a pretty good move in terms of taking a good idea and running with it. Unlike Riot games or S2 Games or even Blizzard, they didn’t change anything about the old title. You will get access to the same heroes (a lot of heroes are still being added to the game), same items and the same map layout. Old hardcore fans of the original map will most definitely enjoy this blast from the past powered by the Source Engine.

Although I felt a little bit out of place like a pedophile in a kindergarten I did quickly get used to the overall feel of the game. All the basic ingredients are there and splice in some “GTFO NEWB” or the well-known classic “FUCKING NEWB FEEDER” and you are in for a winner. Nothing much to say about it in those terms, so if you’ve played the original map you’ll quickly accommodate to this one and if you haven’t played it, there’s a looooot to talk about and I’ll see if people are interested in hearing about that.

Until then, enjoy the video and as always, feel free to rate, comment and of course share! Enjoy  O_O!


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